The 420 BUZZ

  The 420 BUZZ is one of the creative platforms of VJC Promotions as a catalyst to promote and elevate alternative music.


Alternative musical forms crafted by The 420 BUZZ is passionately sought-after and in demand because of its timelessness and relevance in the world today.


The collaboration of stellar producers and impresarios fuse distinct styles as well as  personas capturing the essence of THE 420 BUZZ.

  Alternative music is not only thought provoking but brimming with therapeutic benefits that promote relaxation and stress relief.


Free your mind from the mainstream music marked with conflicting messages and lyrical content. 

Relax and recharge with themes conducive and effective for tranquility and well-being. 

Creative minds and health and wellness practitioners know all too well the restorative benefits of alternative music. 

Tune in and fine tune with The 420 BUZZ.  



 Q: Where is 420BUZZ located? 

A:  420 BUZZ is a division of VJC Promotions & Entertainment based in Atlanta with offices in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Watch for upcoming locations in other cities.   

Q: Can I submit a demo to 420BUZZ? 

A:  All demo submissions must have prior approval through our Legal/Development Department. Send all requests to:   

Please note that any unsolicited material submitted to 420BUZZ, does not obligate or make us liable to you or any other person or entity claiming on behalf of you.  

Q: For media contact information including requests for interviews, photos and other information?  

A: Please submit all media and information requests to: